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Come to Nivica

There are still 7 unasphalted kilometers and it looks like it wants to remind you about the change being done. 25 km southwest of Tepelena, the road enters into Bënça and keeps you with your eyes locked towards the canyon with a depth of over 1000 m until Progonat.


The symbol village of Kurvelesh it is now being “resurrected” from visitors because of the new road, but also because of the large attention that it has earned, especially on the international press, the typical example of southern mountain tourism.

North’s success with Theth, Valbona and the untouched areas of Vermosh, appears to be opening a new chapter in the southern area, with a bigger favor, because of the proximity with Jon sea.


The road from Progonati to Nivica, on a highland about 1000 above the sea level, is astonishing. Skrapari canyons that are so populated because of the river rafting, look like house stairs before these abysses, whereas clean water sources keep the bottom of the scary canyons of the southern alps alive.