ouse on Canyon


Experience the virgin nature and the wild view of our mountains. 
Straight from the guesthouse’s yard you can enjoy the magnificent view of the unexplored canyons of Nivica.
Holidays in harmony with the nature , where the „Egyptian vulture“ guards his last shelter in Europe. 
Discover the “Dark corner„ in southern Albania, away from civilization, where the sky unfolds the stars at their finest for the naked eye to observe.


We look after our customers individually, so that they can have an unforgettable experience on the undiscovered canyons , that few know of.

“Guesthouse on canyon” is positioned in a way that provides every tourist in love with the nature, many opportunities to go hiking or cycle the mountain.

Just a few steps away from the guesthouse, you can hear the waterfalls pounding the depths of the canyons and with a little patience , bird lovers might have the luck to see the „Egyptian vulture“ , who stays loyal to his last shelter in Europe.

the traditional albanian kitchen

Self-made bread, vegetables and spices from the guesthouses yard , the famous village cheese „Rexhin“ , the typical “Petanik” baked in “Saç” like 2000 years ago and a lot more traditional dishes will make your experience unforgettable.

And of course after lunch or dinner you will not miss the “Raki” of our vineyard. Everything on the table is pulled and harvested, handpicked, organic and according to our tradition.

a variety of stunning walking destinations

The Kurvelesh region , especially Nivica has incredible and mysterious scenic diversity . So you can go on wild hairpin bends from Bença high to Progonat by mountain bike or SUV or hiking on foot. On the way they are surrounded by wild beauty of the mountain landscape to alpine villages Gusmar and Nivica.


Imposing Mountains

Llufa, after a walk of nearly 2,5h you may see the gorgeous view on the other side of the mountains of Vlora ( Bolena, Vërmiku) .The blooming alpine meadows, bright rocks and glittering mountain lakes invite you to go hiking, mountaineering, walking or just to admire.

The Friendly Shepherds

A „Must meeting“ with the shepherds and their sheep and goats is unavoidable. Their tranquility and friendliness is something to admire.

The Castle Nivica

Only 200 m away from the guesthouse you can pay a visit to the 2400 year-old Castle of Nivica.

The Old Place Of Worship

Another hiking destination is the worship plave of the locals, called „Stog“.In May/June you can see the good spot where the locals lighten up candles and visit the top of the hill where you can than enjoy the amazing Stog cherries.


On the way you can also meet the beekeepers and maybe escort them during the honey harvesting.

The Këndrevica Mountain

For climbers the 2122 m high mountain Këndrevica may be a challenge. On request, we can also arrange local guides.

The project Nivica, the village looking for the sea